A game about laying in bed with your best friend and making major life decisions.

Conversation flows from discussing mundane things to making big life changes. What you say will change the course of your future.

Script by Georgia Iacovou.
Code and art by Rosa Carbo-Mascarell.

Built on Nicky Case's Coming Out Simulator.


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I was thinking "this is not a game, it's a book or a text message simulator". I guess this is interactive fiction. How is it different from a visual novel?


oh its so cute and casual and relaxing 


we need more characters in games like them, then had a pet rock and a room full of scarves. love the game

This game honestly really interests me, dont really know why, but i just find it really cool.

I know this isn't helpful but still

this game is the best and i mean the best and if you don't like it, you're missing out *-*


We're getting a pet rock and I'm stealing my girlfriends scarves. Heaven.


I loved it.It,also,gave me a sense of romantic connection between the two best friends.


Aw it sounds like something my best friend and I would do. Speaking of, it would be super fun to start a magazine with her XD

Good luck on whatever you decided to do!


I enjoyed this game a lot.

I think it made good use of the tension of me wanting to steer the conversation so that the characters could speak their minds and sort out their problems openly, but the characters not being able to be so open so I have no obvious choices left. Life choices happening unexpectedly out of response to the least significant seeming dialogue also really played into this tension for me.

I felt the atmosphere of having anxieties about your current life, and feeling trapped because of it, even when you're supposed to have choices. By the end, I felt like even if the characters opened up, they would still have to face their deeper unhappiness without any kind of clear answer or comfort. So I ended up feeling a mix of sadness and emptiness. Maybe a sense of nostalgia for when friendships were more carefree, where jokes didn't need to bury unhappiness.


This game is adorable and I love it. I'm sorry I don't have any helpful comments, I just really love your game!!

Really nice  concept! Really abrupt ending, too:)

a nice thing.

such a cute little game! i loved the different pitches of the message bubbles, it really added to the feel of the game. the pacing of the bubbles was also perfectly timed to my reading speed, which was nice. the game really captured the vibe of chatting with ur best friend, talking about everything and nothing with some totally uncalled for burns, haha


Ah, man! I was disappointed when it ended like that. Very cute! I was hoping an optional ending would be to fall in love and move in with your best friend. <3 Great game!


ikr that would be amazing


Short but I like it. Now I really want to know what animal the friend gets lol

Check out the video at 11:18 for a quick overview of Sort Your Life Out

Love this! A weird feeling in my chest snuck up on me as it finished... felt very natural!

this game is really nice! i rly like how casual it is and just chatting on a phone with a friend.. its a good feeling :3

I really enjoyed this.

As a fellow freelancer, I heavily relate to the casual work dress and money struggles.

Yay! Loved it! This game remembered me when I was living with my best friend :) that conversations about "everything & nothing" at the same time.