Last week was tough. To help me through the week I worked on this game when I was feeling particularly low.

Play it and walk in my shoes for a bit. Listen to things men have said to me at professional events. Some are verbatim, some are paraphrased to give context.

Being a woman in this industry is hard.

If you ever found yourself saying anything like this, you're causing harm. Stop. Here are some resources to become better men:

I believe everyone needs to be held accountable for their actions. I also believe anyone can and should strive to become a better person.

Let's start taking care of each other.


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I found myself getting progressive more frustrated with the people in this game. Thank you for making it!

This is gold! Thank you for creating this game. 

Thank you for making this!

wow! each and everyone in this room is a total bore. thanks for opening my eyes.

Thanks for making this!

Thanks for making and sharing this!



(Excellent game btw, but my GOD these people are frustrating)

That is a great game. Thank you for making this. Take care. 

Thank you for making this ♥️


This should be required playing before going to a game development-related event.

❤️thanks for sharing