Take a walk at night and read romantic poetry.

The poems in this bitsy game in order of appearance are:
Walking by Thomas Traherne
The Bastard by Richard Savage
Night: An Epistle to Robert Lloyd by Charles Churchill
A Ramble in St James's Park by Earl of Rochester
Effigies Authoris by William Pattinson
London by Samuel Johnson
Night Thoughts by Edward Young
St Paul's by William Wordsworth

If you're interested in the practice of night walking I highly recommend Matthew Beaumont's book Night Walking and to learn more about the importance of walking in general, Rebecca Solnit's book Wanderlust is a fabulous read.

Song is Sleepwalker II by Sergey Cheremisinov.
Game made in Bitsy.

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So beautiful!

I really enjoyed this! Great poem selections. Bitsy feels like a perfect platform to experiment with some of your ideas about walking simulators.

The only thing missing is an underwater section featuring "The Swimmer" by Mary Oliver. Perhaps in the sequel? ;)

What a beautiful poem! Thank you so much. ❤

Very nice, gentle experience.  Bitsy and poetry go well together :)

Thank you. 😊 Maybe people should make more bitsy poetry.

YES ROSA! This is fantastic :) 

Ah, thank you Josh! We should talk about night walking sometime. 😊

This is a lovely, pensive game. Perfect for a quiet evening!

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it.